Growing Heirloom Seeds & Seed Saving : Storing Saved Heirloom Seeds

heirloom fruit seedsStore saved heirloom seeds in a dry, cool, dark place to give them the best chance at viability. Learn about getting into heirloom seed saving from an organic farmer in this free gardening video.

Expert: Daniel Botkin
Bio: Daniel Botkin is an avid organic gardener, micro-farmer and permaculture advocate who recognizes the timeliness of backyard agriculture and permaculture-style food gardens.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

Duration : 0:1:39

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Heirloom vs GMO Seeds – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 313

heirloom vegetable seedsStill flying under the public radar lays a timely topic over deadly concerns surrounding access and usage of certified Heirloom seeds vs. Genetically Modified seed production that is forcing farmers out of business via an agricultural treadmill system. It’s estimated that the “Big 6” now control the majority of patented seed production and smaller partner seed companies currently distributing their GMO seeds through a multitude of repackaging outlets worldwide. The ultimate question remains, “Will heirloom seed plants be finally destroyed through open air GMO cross-pollination?” Join this discussion on our Wisconsin Garden Q&A Resources Page.

Duration : 0:11:15

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Heirloom Veggies Seed Collection & Tobacco, available.

heirloom fruit seedsI have been growing these organic heirloom seeds for years. I live in an area of SC that doesn’t get much rain fall. These plants had been irrigated with a state of the art water filtration system and nourished with organic compost tea and the best quality top soil was hauled in. I am willing to trade for silver or other varieties of seeds that I don’t have in my collection. One large veggie collection available for 6, 8 and 10 troy. The six troy package will have enough seed for a really great big garden start. The 8 & 10 troy will have more herbs a couple grains plus so many seeds you can barter leaving enough seed to plant a couple huge gardens. I recommend adding a few more varieties from other sources. The tobacco packages of 4 varieties are for 1 troy ounce, not as many seeds in the 1 troy as seen here in the 4 troy care package. email me at artnuwa11@yahoo if you are interested and I will send you a still photo and the content and description of each type. Thank you!

Duration : 0:2:41

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Tomato: All About Tomatoes and How to Save Heirloom Tomatoes

tomato 2Tomatoes are perfect when they’re ripe and juicy. Along with Sweet Corn, tomatoes – full of flavor -are one of the greatest parts of summer.

In this video Rita talks about the health benefit of tomatoes, how to chop a tomato and how to save the seeds of heirloom tomatoes to plant in the garden next year.

Duration : 0:4:30

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