Emergency Seed Bank Non Hybrid Seeds

heirloom vegetable seedsSensible Survival Presents: The “Emergency Seed Bank” of Non Hybrid or Heirloom Seeds. These seeds will reproduce and allow you to have a renewable Food Source. I found these at Directive21.com from Jeff the “Berkey Guy” ‘s website. Other key survival products.

Directive21’s Website: http://www.directive21.com/emergencyseedbank.html

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Update on organic heirloom tomatoes and peppers

tomato 2An update on the heirloom peppers and tomatoes planted from seed. Almost ready to transplant to the garden. Seeds from www.seedcatalog.com.

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Preparing Seed Potatoes For Planting

heirloom vegetable seedsBaker Creek Heirloom Seeds Owner Jere Gettle Shows how to Prepare Seed Potatoes for Planting.

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#26 Heirloom Organic Vegetable Garden: Tomatoes Finished 19.5th Week

tomato 2http://www.incredibleseeds.com for incredible Heirloom Organic Tomato Seeds, the end result of our very late start from seeds outside ended in a fantastic crop of tomatoes.

We got 72 lbs of vine ripened tomatoes which we made into tomato sauce and now we have well over 300lb of Green Heirloom Organic Tomatoes, going to make a ton of sauce, salsa and anything else we can find on the internet that can be made with green tomatoes.

– Cherokee Purple
– Debarao
– Eva Purple Ball
– German Johnson
– Green Zebra
– Marglobe
– Mortgage Lifter
– Moskvich
– Ponderosa Pink

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Survival Essentials Heirloom Seed Haul!

heirloom vegetable seedsThanks TheSheChef for sending me the link. Awesome Deal!

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Heirloom Tomato Seeds

tomato 2Heirloom Tomato seeds are easy to dry at the end of the season so that you can plant your favorites in the garden next year. Saving seeds of heirloom tomato plants will let you control the plants you grow next year.

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Survival Seed Vault Bulk Non GMO Heirloom Seeds

heirloom vegetable seedsRead full review here: http://www.thediyworld.com/blog/?p=1018
I just got a bulk pack of survival seeds from Survival Essentials. This is a 510,000 seed bulk package of non GMO Heirloom seeds.

The seeds are not genetically modified, which is very important these days. The box comes with 36 varieties of seeds. Each packet contains more than enough seeds to last quite a few years of planting.

These seeds are great for gardeners, self sufficient families and preppers. The seeds come in plastic zip lock bags so they keep moisture out. You can freeze the seeds for long term storage. You could also put them into a waterproof and air tight container and bury them for emergency use.

Please visit my blog (link above) for full details on the contents of this kit. Plus there you can find a link to the company if you are interested in buying some for yourself.

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Harvesting organic vegetables and growing heirloom garbanzos (chickpeas)

heirloom fruit seedsBeen harvesting lots of vegetables lately. This time it included cabbage, broccoli, red and yellow beans, swisschard, lettuce, carrots, sugarsnap peas, and snow peas.

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Heirloom vs. Hybrid vs. GMO seeds

heirloom vegetable seedsHere are my thoughts on the subject

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How to Harvest Heirloom Seeds

heirloom vegetable seedsBelinda with http://homegardenstogo.com is back showing us how to harvest heirloom seeds for gardening!

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