Heirloom & Organic Seeds: A Growing Movement

heirloom fruit seedsAfter decades of limited availability and dismissal as a counter-culture industry, heirloom and organic seeds are the center of interest as never before.

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How hardy are heirloom seeds?

heirloom fruit seedsMy nighttime garden adventures reveal a shocking secret about heirloom seeds. I am dumbfounded at the hardiness of organic heirloom seeds from Seed to Plate. A potentially devastating canine rampage in the middle of my raised bed is no match for these indomitable spheres. Featuring my pup Maya.

Usually, planting three or four seeds in place of every one is done to make sure at least one of them will turn into a vegetable plant. The strongest babies in that area are identified and the rest are usually removed. It seems that every single one of the heirloom seeds have begun to show up through the compost. Even the seeds where my god had dug at all the mud around them have grown, and not just in the raised bed.

As promised, here is the link to the free educational documentary on organic sustainable permaculture “Back To Eden”

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Organic Heirloom Seeds

heirloom fruit seedsClick Here Tips: http://homeandgardenamerica.com/heirloom-tomato-seeds

Organic Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom seeds are organic in nature and are perfect for growing an all natural, healthy vegetable garden. Using heirloom vegetable seeds is a great way to have a garden now but also to have many heirloom vegetable gardens in the future from the seeds produced by your hand grown produce.

Gardeners love to work with the soil and tend their gardens with the care of a mother hen looking after her chicks. Putting all this effort into gardening produces the best results when you use only non gmo, non hybrid, open pollinated heirloom seeds this is especially true with your heirloom tomato seeds.

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Heirloom vs Organic Hybrid Produce

heirloom fruit seedsLocal heirloom vs organic, hybrid store produce. Seeing is believing! http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/heirloom-vs-organic-hybrid-produce/

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Plant A Perennial Food Forest In Your Backyard – Sowing Swamp Rose Seeds

heirloom fruit seedsDo you need to own huge tracts of land to grow a perennial food forest?

I’m harvesting wild native food plants and medicinal plant species and redistributing them closer to home the way the natives did it many moons ago. I have a huge food forest that runs miles and miles, all I need to do is reap the harvest when it comes in.

I don’t need to buy certified organic heirloom seeds, I just pick fruits, nuts, and berries from the wild and plant them in new areas. I don’t need specially prepared soil mixtures containing perlite and green sand, I just rough up the earth with a stick. I don’t need property or taxes. I don’t need fertilizer, pest repellent, and toxic bug spray, the birds and other forest life take care of that. All that is required is an understanding of the needs and requirements of these plants so they will have a better chance of propagating themselves.

Swamp rose, Rosa palustra, is a native plant to Michigan that prefers wet habitats with good sun exposure. Rose hips are full of vitamin C and other healthy ingredients, they make a great tasting tea or infusion, and benefit wildlife by providing food from autumn through late winter, when the animals need it most.

The wildlife will benefit, and they will also help spread the native seeds into new areas, as will the wind and streams. Rose hips are food for many creatures of the eastern woodlands.

If the plants don’t grow I’m out nothing. If the area becomes a parking lot or golf course I’m out nothing. My only effort was a fun, relaxing walk in the woods and taking in fresh air and sunshine.


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#47 Heirloom Organic Vegetable Garden: Harvesting Colourful Carrots & Spagehetti Squash

heirloom fruit seedsColoured Carrot Mix from:

It was a great day in the garden got the Heirloom Organic Colorful Carrots finally out of the ground and compared to last year we got 34lbs in one row this year we got 54lbs but we let them grow an extra 30 days this year.

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#52 Heirloom Organic Vegetable Garden: Spring is here almost….

heirloom fruit seedsJust a quick update to our Heirloom Organic Gardening series, Spring is almost here and starting on the garden is going to happen soon, just not real soon…

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Planting 10 Week Old Heirloom Onion Transplants in Your Garden: The Rusted Garden 2013

heirloom fruit seedsA couple earlier videos showed you how to seed start and grow onion transplants indoors. This video shows you how to take your 10 week old onion transplants and plant them in your garden. Growing onion transplants is easy, it saves you a lot of money and they are very easy to plant. It is almost a fool proof vegetable.

Join My Google+ Gardening Community called Our Tomato & Vegetable Gardens – we are approaching 1000 world-wide gardeners: https://plus.google.com/communities/114956817444053979636 or Link from My YouTube Page.

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#40 Heirloom Organic Vegetable Garden: Growth Explosion Continues

heirloom fruit seedshttp://www.incredibleseeds.com for heat wave resistant heirloom vegetable seeds

The Heirloom Organic Veggies are growing fantastic despite the heat wave which still hasn’t totally ended, today it was 37 degrees Celius, they are call for much needed rain on Sunday.

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#49 Heirloom Organic Vegetable Garden: More Peppers, Tomatoes & a Cauliflower

heirloom fruit seedsA bit of a delay posting this video been real busy the past 3 weeks…. originally filmed this on September 23rd, 2012

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