#47 Heirloom Organic Vegetable Garden: Harvesting Colourful Carrots & Spagehetti Squash

heirloom fruit seedsColoured Carrot Mix from:

It was a great day in the garden got the Heirloom Organic Colorful Carrots finally out of the ground and compared to last year we got 34lbs in one row this year we got 54lbs but we let them grow an extra 30 days this year.

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Best Heirloom Tomatoes

heirloom vegetable seedsBest Heirloom Tomatoes? What is an heirloom tomato?

Botanikka ebay store: http://stores.ebay.com/mnrsales

What is an heirloom tomato? It’s basically a non-hybrid tomato. The tomatoes you find in your local grocery store are usually almost perfectly round, red and not grown locally. These are not heirloom tomatoes. Those are hybrid tomatoes grown specifically for supermarkets and mass consumption.

Heirloom tomatoes are usually odd shaped and not usually bright red. They can be many different colors and even color blends. I frequently find small selections available at local farmers markets.

Your typical heirloom will be denser and have less water and seeds than a standard hybrid. Therefore, the flavor is more concentrated and in most people’s opinions (including my own), better tasting.

So, If heirlooms are better tasting, why don’t supermarkets sell more of them?
By growing hybrids, farmers can select disease and bug resistant varieties. Also, hybrids are typically a smaller plant with higher yield. More fruit in less space with fewer problems. Also, hybrids have a thicker skin which makes them much easier to transport long distances without damaging the fruit.

Since most heirloom varieties are indeterminate, the plant can grow very large. 6 foot tall plants are not uncommon, so take this into consideration when growing heirlooms and selecting a proper trellis.

As with other tomato varieties, plucking off the suckers will help your tomatoes grow larger.

The outside of an heirloom tomato does not grow evenly, so you may have overgrow spots or even splits. This is normal and does not indicate insects or a bad fruit.

The inside of an heirloom tomato can be a very different color from the outside. Orange, green, purple, black and pink are all normal colors for insides and/or outsides of heirloom tomatoes.

Since tomatoes ripen from the inside out, you can harvest them when you see the outside starting to change color. However, most growers prefer to wait an addition week or two after they see outside color changes.

A single hornworm can devour an entire tomato in a day and just two or three can completely destroy a plant in a week. You can easily pull them off your plant and discard of them. I collect these caterpillars in a bucket and then feed them to the fish and ducks in the pond behind my house.
To reduce the risk of invasive hornworms, you can put some whole supper hot peppers in a blender with some water, and blend. Then strain the water into a spray bottle and spray the leaves of your plants every few days. You can store your spray in the refrigerator for about a week. Be carefull not to get any on your skin or in your eyes.

If you are looking to obtain some heirloom tomato seeds and grow your own, just shop around. I buy my heirloom seeds from a guy out of Wisconsin known as Botanikka Seeds. The owner, Mr Ritter, is nice and I have yet to be disappointed with any order. He sells packets of individual varieties. However, if you like surprises, he sells bags of mixed variety heirloom tomato seeds in quantities of 500 or 1000 on ebay, and he usually throws in a bonus at no extra cost. This will guarantee you have a random colorful selection come harvest time. I will leave a link to the Botanikka ebay store in the description of this video.

As for eating heirloom tomatoes… They can be large and dense and are great for just about anything. In my house we enjoy a colorful caprice salad. Also thick sliced in a grilled cheese sandwich, or any sandwich for that matter, is incredible. A word of warning, once you eat an heirloom tomato, the store bought hybrids will no longer hold your interest.

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Thanks and happy growing.

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#52 Heirloom Organic Vegetable Garden: Spring is here almost….

heirloom fruit seedsJust a quick update to our Heirloom Organic Gardening series, Spring is almost here and starting on the garden is going to happen soon, just not real soon…

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Comstock, Ferre & Co. Heirloom Seeds

heirloom vegetable seedsVisit http://www.gardenclips.com for more garden videos.
A visit to Comstock, Ferre & Co. Heirloom Seeds who have been selling heirloom seeds in Wethersfield, Connecticut for over two hundred years.

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Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

heirloom vegetable seedssome seed i got from baker creek heirloom seed at rareseeds.com

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Successfully Starting Heirloom Seeds – Planning the Seed Starting Area and Equipment Needed

heirloom vegetable seedsA look at a successful small scale heirloom seed starting setup. This setup has been used to start the trial garden at Terroir Seeds for several years now. We show you the components used and how they work together.

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New Happenings at Baker Creek Seed Bank & Scientists Under Attack GMO Documentary

heirloom vegetable seedsJohn from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ goes on a field trip to the Seed Bank in Petaluma, California. In this episode, John visits the West Coast store for Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company to watch a movie about GMOs as well as discover what’s new at Baker Creek. After watching this episode you will learn how you may be eating GMO foods without knowing it, in addition, you will learn about the best deal on seeds at Baker Creek and more.

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Planting 10 Week Old Heirloom Onion Transplants in Your Garden: The Rusted Garden 2013

heirloom fruit seedsA couple earlier videos showed you how to seed start and grow onion transplants indoors. This video shows you how to take your 10 week old onion transplants and plant them in your garden. Growing onion transplants is easy, it saves you a lot of money and they are very easy to plant. It is almost a fool proof vegetable.

Join My Google+ Gardening Community called Our Tomato & Vegetable Gardens – we are approaching 1000 world-wide gardeners: https://plus.google.com/communities/114956817444053979636 or Link from My YouTube Page.

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Garden Time 2012 Favorite List of Heirloom Seed Co

heirloom vegetable seedsThis is my favorite list of Heirloom and open pollinated seeds.

Baker Creek


Henry Field’s


My Patriot Supply – You can buy the survival vault for $37.95

The Heirloom Vegetable Gardener’s Assistant

Sustainable Seeds Heirloom Grains

Seed Savers Exchange

Heirloom Acres Seeds

Pleasant Hill Grain

Eden Brothers

Terroir Seeds


Heirloom Seeds (Open 01-29-12)

El Dorado Heirloom Seeds

It Won’t Be Mad-Max, But It Will Be Mad

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#40 Heirloom Organic Vegetable Garden: Growth Explosion Continues

heirloom fruit seedshttp://www.incredibleseeds.com for heat wave resistant heirloom vegetable seeds

The Heirloom Organic Veggies are growing fantastic despite the heat wave which still hasn’t totally ended, today it was 37 degrees Celius, they are call for much needed rain on Sunday.

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