About Us

Welcome to THE ORGANIC SEED CONNECTION!  We are very happy that you are interested in our vegetable and fruit ORGANIC HEIRLOOM SEEDS.   Since starting our research for Natural Cancer Cures in 2009 with our initial website,  www.YourCancerCure.net , and expanding into video in 2010 with www.YourNaturalCancerCures.com , we have discovered that one of the very best ways to rid your body of cancer and maintain a cancer-free life, is to eat as many RAW alkaline Organic fruits and vegetables as you can on a DAILY basis!  In fact, we discovered that this is the ONLY way that you can achieve Optimum Health and VITALITY because the enzymes that our bodies desperately need to be healthy are ONLY found in RAW fruits and vegetables, or LIVE FOODS, and these enzymes are MAXIMIZED when you eat raw ORGANIC alkaline fruits and vegetables. Eating this top-quality food on a DAILY basis helps your body maintain a healthy “Alkaline Reserve” level!

If you shop in the super markets, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to tell what’s Organic, and what’s not!  I recently discovered that even Whole Foods Market is financially entangled with Monsanto, and now, the phrase “Whole Fraud” Market is circulating more and more throughout the Internet.   Many people are quite angry about their favorite Organic Food Market moving closer to GMO “contamination”!  One of my very good friends also explained to me that even if the grocery stores do purchase and display Certified Organic Produce, that the chemicals they use DAILY to sterilize the stores, is just as toxic, if not more so, than the pesticides used in Conventional Farming!  So….”What’s a Mother to do?”  <:-(  …  Start GROWING most of your family’s produce YOURSELF!

And that’s where THE ORGANIC SEED CONNECTION comes in!  😀  Not only can we stock you and your garden with Certified Organic seeds that can grow into the very BEST Organic Fruits and Vegetables that you can find almost ANYWHERE, most of our seeds are heirloom seeds that have been growing Organically and harvested and replanted meticulously, over decades, and some of them, over more than a century!  :-O   This is quite exciting to us, here at THE ORGANIC SEED CONNECTION, and makes us feel as if we are on a “Great Mission”, literally “Saving the world’s Organic food supply!!”

So I enthusiastically invite YOU to join The Organic Seed Revolution, because it most likely will NOT BE TELEVISED!  😉

AND… on top of having access to Certified Organic Heirloom Seeds for growing the healthiest food you ever tasted, when you place orders from THE SEED CONNECTION , your donation will be tax deductible because it is a subsidiary of YOUTH PUBLICATIONS, Inc.!

So, enjoy shopping, planting, growing, sharing, and especially, saving your own seeds, throughout the entire year!  You’ll be VERY HAPPY that you did! 😀